Why You Should Keep Your Current Club Management Software

Did I grab your attention? Why am I encouraging you to maintain your relationship with your current club management software or billing provider? Doesn't Gym HQ provide the same services? Wouldn't we want a proverbial piece of their pie?

Lately I've been fielding a lot of questions from folks in the industry concerning what Gym HQ does. Everyone always wants to throw us into the same category as the club management software providers. I suppose that's what happens when you're the new(ish) kid on the block and providing a novel service. There is no one in the fitness industry space to which we may be compared. So it's only natural that the only players currently offering any type of management support or systems are our likely competitors. But here's the thing:

  • We’re not a billing or software company and we don’t intend to occupy that space even in our future plans. We already have a wonderful working relationship with the folks at ClubReady and ABC and we’re always looking to make new relationships with other providers. We’re meant to supplement their services and fill the gap between billing and management software and a corporate office (or lack thereof). For someone using a company like ABC that provides a customer service call center and early collections, we would overlay those services with our accounting, operations, payroll, HR, and legal modules. For a business owner using say, CSI, we’d plug in our entire service offering (as CSI doesn’t offer the option of a call center or past-due communications).
  • We’re also not consultants. Though I keep KPIs for most of the businesses currently in our portfolio and I make recommendations based off of those numbers, we’re not the guys to come to your club and provide turn-around info. We don’t set-up marketing campaigns. We don’t train staff. There are enough big players out there who fill that space.
  • We are a supplement to a small and/or lagging back-office that is missing key business functions.
  • We are a full replacement for the need to hire, train, and manage a back-office team. We offer the benefit of economies of scale—so that guy who can’t afford to hire his own HR Director, Accountant, or Director of Operations, can reap the benefit at a price that makes sense for him. We can become a fitness business' entire back-office/corporate.
  • We offer scalability. Since pricing can be tied directly to revenue, the back-office cost scales perfectly as the business grows or, should the time for hard decisions arise, shrinks.

So, you see, we don't want you to scrap your current club management software (as long as you're happy with them and getting great service). We simply want to help you build a better business by picking up where their services stop and your daily task list begins.

Want more information? Give me a call or send me an email. I'm happy to spend some time discussing what Gym HQ can do for you!