Employee Recognition and Rewards Part III: Creative Ideas From Top Companies

As promised, our third and final article on employee recognition highlights businesses successfully utilizing non-traditional methods of rewards and recognition.  While some of these may not be a great fit for your business model, I hope they encourage you to think creatively when contemplating a recognition program for your team. 


Bonusly is an employee recognition software that allows employees to award points to their peers.  Peer-to-peer recognition is very impactful and will likely become increasingly important as younger generations move into the workforce over the coming years.  Bonusly pairs P2P with a social network platform which is also a win with the younger elements of the workforce.  Points are redeemable for gift cards and prizes from major retailers like Uber, Nike and Starbucks.  A few companies using Bonusly: Hulu, Chobani, SurveyMonkey, Oracle and ZipRecruiter.

Flexible Hours

Dallas Web Design Inc. uses flexible working schedules as a way to motivate staff to become better.  They claim an 80% increase in productivity!  According to a 2016 Gallup survey, 51% of employees said they would change jobs for one that allowed them to work more flexible hours, while 37% would change jobs if they could work from where they want at least part of the time. Job seekers are demanding a flexible work environment, and if you don’t offer that in 2018, you will lose talent to your competitors who are. Use this as a perk for top performers who can be trusted with remote work or handling a non-traditional schedule.  Keep in mind, this may not work for all staff who must be onsite to directly interact with members/clients.

Training Responsibilities

At GYM HQ, we made our own employees subject matter experts in designing our employee training program.  We asked our top performers to assist in developing our onboarding process for new hires.  This practice fulfills two functions: recognizing the employees for their strengths and developing our company-wide training program.  It also allows employees to be exposed to additional functions and responsibilities which is vital for employee growth and development. 

Create a Company Mascot

At Moncur, they have a biweekly employee award program where team members pass a little wooden statue they call Peggy to another member who has done outstanding work or showed incredible acumen.

Being a digital and creative agency, they take it to the next level by requiring each member to dress Peggy up in a style that reflects the awardee and encouraging them to post her “adventures” on a designated Instagram channel.

Access to the Leadership

Many leading companies such as Whole Foods and CarMax, open up access to their senior leaders for all employees.  Whether its town hall meetings, cookouts, or visibility into company decisions, it’s clear that employees crave this access.  Consider sharing more that you’re comfortable sharing if you want your employees to commit to the cause.  One of your future members of leadership is likely sitting amongst your current ranks.  Access to senior leadership is one way to ensure the right exposure is happening long before succession planning is even a thought.


Recognizing employee anniversaries is still important.  At Groupon, instead of the traditional certificate or pin, yearly milestones are recognized with a top-of-the-line, bright green Adidas track jacket. Employees can even personalize their jackets with unique nicknames and receive star patches for each additional year at the company.  These personalized jackets are great daily reminders to new staff of what they’re striving for and a source of pride for veterans. 

The take away after three articles on recognition is that your company should have a program!  From a team to 5 to a team of 5000, recognition is important.  It helps retain and attract the best talent, sets you apart from your competitors, and encourages a positive, perhaps even fun (gasp!) work environment.  There’s a reason why the top 100 companies to work for are just that.  Employee perks, programs, environment and recognition all play a part in employees being excited to go to work every day!

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