GYM HQ Client Spotlight: UFC GYM Rocklin

Back at the beginning of 2016, industry vet Mark Polli and his wife, Kim,  set out to presale memberships for a new (to them) concept to add to their fitness portfolio, UFC GYM Rocklin. They enlisted the help of our team here at GYM HQ to tackle all of their back-office needs.  The journey so far has been a blast!  We love working with the Polli's.  It's been awesome to watch their progress as the location has matured.  We sat down with Mark to learn a little more about him and his views on the industry for this month's GYM HQ Client Spotlight.

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GHQ: How did you get started in the fitness industry?

MP: I have been in the Fitness business since 1981.  I was in my senior year of college in Upstate New York, and my Brother called me from California to come work with him at a health club in Foster City, CA.   I went out on my winter break and sold memberships for 3 weeks.  The Vice President asked me to stay, but I wanted to get my Bachelor’s degree in Business/ Marketing, so they agreed to pay my way back out there after my final semester.  I worked for that company for 5 years.  I took a break from the fitness Industry to become a stockbroker in 1985, just in time for the Black Monday crash in 1987.  I pushed through until 1991 when I was contacted by Mark Mastrov and went to work for Mark when 24 Hour Fitness only had 9 Clubs.  I worked at 24 Hour Fitness for 18 years as a Regional Vice President before I started with Crunch Fitness in 2009. Mark Mastrov helped me get involved with Crunch and we opened 5 clubs in the Sacramento area. Mark reached out to me again in 2014 and invited me to the UFC GYM convention, and it was an amazing experience. I was able to see and feel the difference between regular health clubs and “Training Different” at UFC Gyms.

There was 7,000 SF of space available next door to the Crunch Fitness in Rocklin and on the other side was a Century Movie Theater. The spot between the two was an “A” location, and I started negotiating with the landlord. I also had to get approval from UFC Gym Franchise and Crunch Franchise to have the clubs next door to each other. After a lengthy negotiation, we got the deal done and then the Landlord offered us an additional 3,000 sq. ft. which we agreed and so glad we did!  We are running out of room even with the extra space.
My wife Kim and I went down to Anaheim for the Franchisee Training and it was a great experience.

We contacted Melissa Knowles at GYM HQ to do our back-office work and it was one of the best decisions we made. We would have had to hire 3 full time people to do all of the work that they do for us and at a very reasonable cost.

GHQ: What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen occur in the industry over the years?

MP: The biggest changes I’ve seen in the business are technology, equipment, and marketing strategies. I am not sure how we even did it in the 80’s with only a fax machine and corded phones. Equipment was more about looks than functionality with most all machines made of chrome and only 2 lifecycles in the clubs for cardio. Marketing today is an entirely different, especially with Social Media. But the best ever marketing in the clubs has never changed and that is referrals from current members.

GHQ: Why did you choose to go the franchise route and why did you choose UFC GYM?

MP: Working for a large fitness company had its benefits, and it was a great experience to help a company grow from their humble beginnings. Owning my own franchise is getting up every morning knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of my employees and our members. I take pride in every square foot of every club and working for myself means I answer to the community and the employees. UFC GYM offers an experience like no other club offers. 

Mark Mastrov was talking to me about doing UFC GYM franchise clubs in the Sacramento area while Urijah Faber was getting ready to do a signature club in Downtown Sacramento. I did some research and was on board with starting to check out potential locations.   I was on vacation in Hawaii and stopped into the BJ Penn UFC Gym and my wife and I were amazed about the classes going on and we were both surprised how many women were attending the classes.  When my wife saw all of the women in the classes, it completely changed her perspective about UFC GYM and she was all in! 

GHQ: What makes UFC GYM unique?

MP: UFC Gym is unique in every way. It’s a tight-knit group of members that you know every one of them by name and get to watch them as they improve physically, emotionally and reach goals they never thought were attainable. The Coaches take great care of the members and they live and breathe the UFC Gym brand.

GHQ: What do you currently have in the pipeline for growth and expansion?

MP: We have a lease signed in Folsom, Ca and it is going to be 12,200 sq feet.
We are very excited about bringing this brand to Folsom.

GHQ: What is the UFC GYM experience for members?

MP: The experience for members is amazing. Watching all of the new members come into the club and they are a bit nervous about what is going to happen is great. No one leaves the club without being dripping with sweat and a smile that says “I did it!” We have members that have lost over 75 pounds and others that have put on size and increased their strength dramatically. The skills classes have brought both men and women that had never worn boxing gloves and are now in the octagon or on the BJJ mat competing and winning.

Watching the kids program is especially exciting as we see them grow from tumbling to takedowns to submission holds. Their self-confidence grows on each visit as they learn BJJ moves and respect for the sport as well as respect for the other kids.

GHQ: What have been the most challenging aspects of the business?

MP: The most challenging part of the business is driving New Member Sales daily as we try to limit attrition. The other hard part is changing people’s perspective about the gym being a fight club. We have been successful with our outreach in the community by setting up Women’s Self Defense classes as well as Anti-Bullying classes in schools.

GHQ: How important are back-office functions for the business and why did you decide to partner with GYM HQ?

MP: Choosing GYM HQ was one of the easiest and best decisions we made. There was no way I could drive new business, work with our existing members and be present in the club if I was doing back office work. From Payroll to Accounting, Accounts Payable and HR they are a terrific group of people who are always available and quick to respond. 

GHQ: What gems of advice would you like to share with others looking to own their own fitness business?

MP: Be Present in the club.  Build the culture in your club yourself and make sure you are in the club working with the employees, members, and guests.  Be part of the community and do everything you can to help people in the community by donating time and resources to local charities.  Hire great people who are passionate about Fitness and live the brand.  Treat everyone with respect and deliver a great product and service that outshines all of the competition.  There are a lot of fitness clubs out there and the biggest difference maker in the club is YOU! 

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GYM HQ Client Spotlight: Sky Fitness & Wellbeing

Two years ago, a great team out of Tulsa, Oklahoma joined our family of clients, Sky Fitness & Wellbeing.  From our very first call with owners Jay Wagnon and Travis Wood, we knew we were in for treat!  These guys truly "get" the fitness business.  Each interaction is a pleasure and we look forward to continuing to support their business as it grows.

Sky Fitness & Wellbeing operates two high-end facilities in Tulsa, OK and recently opened a third location in Broken Arrow.  

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At every interaction, on every day, we go out of our way to provide an exceptional experience for every member.
Our mission, vision, and beliefs all share a common focus: to “Wow” our members. We want to surprise, thrill and inspire our members with truly exceptional service and we understand that an exceptional experience is not a goal, it’s an ongoing process.

We sat down with Travis Wood, Vice President of Operations, to learn more.

GHQ: How did you get started in the fitness industry?

TW:  I started in the fitness industry almost 20 years ago in Fayetteville, AR.  I started as an “opener” at the front desk and worked my way up through a myriad of positions including Member Service Manager, Program Director, and Asst General Manager.  I took over as a General Manager at a facility in Ohio and moved on to Sky in Tulsa to become the Vice President of Operations in 2009.

GHQ: What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen occur in the industry over the years?

TW:  Obviously, the popularity of different modalities change almost yearly but, the number one thing that I’ve seen change in my career is the sheer amount of knowledge and education that the member is now coming into our facility with.  They are performing exercises that would have been advanced for Private Trainers just a few years ago. 

GHQ: Where did the Sky Fitness brand come from?

TW: As odd as it may sound, Sky was conceived from a combination of standards and frustration.  One of the owners, Jay Wagnon, was working with a franchise and becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of emphasis being put on the member “experience.”  After a few months into the building process, Jay broke from the franchise and instead created a new brand – Sky Fitness & Wellbeing.

GHQ: And what does the Sky brand stand for?  

TW:  While I’m sure that every gym in the industry would like to think their employees make the difference because of their personalities, Sky focuses on being a piece of a bigger puzzle.  We focus on creating what we call an “Exceptional Member Experience.”  This is more of a holistic approach that goes beyond just a friendly smile.  It includes education, the fitness offerings, nutrition, and stress management (Sky’s circle of success) in a setting that is clean and welcoming. 



GHQ: What do you currently have in the pipeline for growth and expansion?

TW: We recently opened our third location in the Tulsa area and have plans to grow more in the near future.  We’ve made the commitment that Sky will grow with an importance on quality, not quantity.  We try to take a little extra time to make sure each location is not only profitable but set in the standards that helped create Sky.  With the competitive landscape becoming more and more crowded, our focus is even more important.

GHQ: What have been the most challenging aspects of the business?

TW: The most challenging has been, is, and probably will continue to be the communication and execution of the brand ideals.  It’s easy for us to spout what we’re about, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to educate the public in this climate of “information overload”.  Price and location are no longer the first two criteria from a prospective member, it’s now reputation and presentation.  Of course, it’s also critical to never take your current membership for granted.  Loyalty to a business is a fading ideal and we are constantly having to challenge ourselves to not accept the status quo and try to reinvent our offerings.

GHQ: How important are back-office functions for the business and why did you decide to partner with GYM HQ?

TW: Anyone that is in our industry that does not understand the importance of ‘back-office functions’ is basically on a list set for extinction.  From HR to A/P to Payroll, today’s workforce will not tolerate anything less than uber-professionalism.  This is exactly why we decided to partner withGYM HQ.  The idea of keeping up with the ever-changing laws was daunting enough that we knew we needed an outside vendor that specialized in it.  We looked at it like this; Our members expect a level of professionalism, knowledge, and expertise that they couldn’t obtain on their own so why would we differ in regards to our back office needs?

GHQ: What gems of advice would you like to share with others looking to own their own fitness business?

TW:  Gems, huh?  We’re still trying to figure it out as we go, but if I were asked what I’ve learned?

1.    This is not a hobby or “passion project”, it’s a business.  If you treat it any other way, you will get eaten alive. 

2.    The minute you stop advancing, you will be passed by someone who is.  New classes, new equipment, and reinvention of your offerings are a day-to-day operation.

3.    Many years ago when I was a novice to this business, I was lucky enough to have some important “nuggets” passed on to me by a trusted friend.  None of these stuck with me more than the following:  “Don’t f#@% with the money.”  Trust is such a vital part of the relationship now, as soon as you create a crack it will explode into a rift.  Be upfront with the dues, have open access to the billing history, and teach everyone on your team not to be scared about a member’s money.  Money is not a “dirty little secret”, it’s the absolute core of any business and avoiding it or treating it like it’s not important is a recipe for disaster.

Learn more about Sky Fitness & Wellbeing by visiting their website.

Learn more about GYM HQ and the solutions we can provide for your business by requesting a discovery call

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Client Spotlight: Lighthouse Fitness Management

We support some really great businesses here at GYM HQ.  We're thrilled to highlight one of our favorites, Lighthouse Fitness Management, in our first ever Client Spotlight.  We've enjoyed supporting them as they work on smart growth, increased productivity, and delighting their customers.  The personal training niche can be challenging when a business grows into multiple locations in multiple states, but these guys strive to do the right thing by their clients and provide excellent service.  A good example of this is the very labor intensive project of addressing their BBB score. Any business owner will tell you that the BBB is a beast to deal with!  It's hard to get your complaints channeled properly, the size of the business is never considered (15 complaints for thousands of clients isn't too shabby!), and rarely do people take to the BBB to say good things. They've started the process of tackling this hurdle head-on. Their management team is top notch and they have HUGE goals to change thousands of lives as they grow their business.  This month we sat down to learn a little more about John Cuthill, CEO and Kyle Davis, Executive Vice President.  

GHQ: How did you get started in the fitness industry?

JC:  I was at a point in my life where just making money wasn't enough, I wanted to make a difference in people lives. I joined the Gold's Gym in Columbia SC, they offered me a complimentary session, and the next thing I knew I was meeting with the VP talking about an entry level sales position.  I started January 7, 2010 and never looked back. 

KD:  I changed jobs close to every year due to lack of interest. I was going through a money vs. happiness dilemma and as I was sitting in my gym in between sets I decided I might be happy working in a gym.  So I quit my job and start looking for a job in fitness. I found one within a few weeks and after about 6 months as an AGM, I decided that selling memberships wasn't enough.  I felt like all I was doing was selling people parking passes to their favorite event, but what they needed was the actual ticket to the show and that's when I knew I needed to get into the PT side of the business. 

GHQ:  What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen occur in the industry over the years?

JC:  Low cost models. I remember paying $50 per month and thinking it was a good deal. 

KD:  How many different ways people can change the words and methods they use to describe exercise science and convince people it's different from the previous words and methods people have used to describe exercise science.

GHQ:  Where did the Lighthouse Fitness brand come from?  

JC:  The Lighthouse Fitness brand has a spiritual meaning.  We are called to be the light of the world. We all were thinking of a great name that had power and meaning and Lighthouse hit me like a ton bricks.  I knew that was the name. 

GHQ:  And what does it stand for?  

JC:  At Lighthouse Fitness we want to show you the way to health and fitness.   Most people are lost when they join a gym and we want to be the guiding light to help them every step of the way. 

KD:  Yeah, we are your guiding light in health and fitness...

GHQ:  What do you currently have in the pipeline for growth and expansion?

KD:  Finding more club owners who need a guiding light in their gyms.

JC:  We are working with our existing partnerships and growing with quality as our focus.  

GHQ:  What is the Lighthouse experience for clients?

JC:  When people meet with a Lighthouse Fitness employee, they will feel like they are meeting with a good friend that cares about their well being. Our goal is to help them reach their goals.

KD:  We try to be more than just personal trainers and personal training sessions. We want to create an environment where we are more than that. The idea of selling training sessions to someone, forcing the client to use them as quickly as possible and providing them zero knowledge as to what to do in between sessions and when they run out if they can't afford more is disgusting to me.  I want to create a personal training experience full of motivation and education so that one day our clients won't need us anymore but may still want us. It's really hard to build a car from the chassis up. Even if I gave you a state of the art garage with every tool under the sun and the parts to build your dream car it would be really hard for you to put it together especially if I just walked away and wished you the best of luck. Now on the other hand, if I stayed with you for a year and helped you build your dream car and taught you what we were doing as we put each part together, then at the end of that year when I hand you the keys for the very last time you could certainly maintain that car on your own. It's hard to build a car but if you know how it went together you could easily change  the oil, rotate the tires, flush the radiator, maintain it. I want to help people build them dream bodies and lifestyles in a way so when we are done they can maintain that hard work on their own.  

GHQ:  What have been the most challenging aspects of the business?

KD:  Finding club owners who would prefer their  patrons to get results instead of simply paying for a membership they won't use.  Also, finding people in the employment pool who are willing to work for what they want instead of expecting it to be handed them.

JC:  Definitely finding people to join our team that care about the clients as much as we do. 

GHQ:  How important are back-office functions for the business and why did you decide to partner with GYM HQ?

JC:  Choosing Gym HQ was an easy decision.  We knew we could count of them to service our clients and staff as if it was their business.  The back-end functions are very important to helping our team accomplish our goals. 

GHQ:  What gems of advice would you like to share with others looking to own their own fitness business?

JC:  It is like a marriage, if you want it to work it takes dedication and hard work. 

KD:  Never allow yourself to completely compromise your morals or integrity in exchange for financial gain. This is an industry full of ego and everyone's is different.  You can't manage any two egos the same way. 

Lighthouse Fitness Management is an outsourced personal training business providing services to members of Gold's Gym, 10 Gym, BFit, Omni Fitness, Club Fitness, and Fitness Unlimited locations throughout the country.  If you're a gym owner interested in outsourcing your personal training department and want to learn more about Lighthouse Fitness Management, contact John at